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A West Coast girl living in an East Coast world with my Prince Charming and our fur family. We love quirky, themed events, everything Disney, Christmas, and traveling. I have always been drawn to art in every form. I bounced from art classes, to writing, to the stage, to crafting, to music, cosplay, karaoke, and calligraphy, all while holding down a career as a public school teacher and librarian. I continue to write on the side (let’s be friends on GoodReads!) and draw on the beauty of the world around me. I am inspired by the enchantment of reading, vintage book covers, literary characters, and botanicals.

So, how did this even happen?

Blame Billie. My grandma was a phenomenal costumer and artist who fostered creativity in everything she touched. She also knew how to do everything. She was an entrepreneur, owning her own costume shop that was the only gig in town. She knew how to sew, how to garden, how to can, how to ballroom dance, how to paint and draw, how to style, how to design, how to drink tea, and she had the best sense of humor. She was always adding a little extra flair to whatever she did; her chapter of the Red Hat Society produced a calendar like the one in the 2003 movie Calendar Girls and made sure she did the splits for her photo! She taught me to sew but I lack patience and precision, so watercolor suits me just fine. My mom is a prolific reader which manifested in me partly as the librarian I became but also as an obsession with Beatrix Potter. My wildest dream is to illustrate for the Beatrix Potter estate.

Billie made this painted lady costume for a convention in Las Vegas. She handpainted an entire body suit for the event. I think the photographer and my grandpa were the only two people to actually see it because she was so shy, she was wrapped up in that cape the entire time!

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Amy Kneeland Designs

Just a small portion of her amazing garden. Those are bearded iris in the background; we both love them. Did you know there’s a Historic Iris Preservation Society? TMYK.

I wasn’t kidding- this lady could do the splits up until she was in her mid-late 80s.

Costumes made by Gramma Billie for me and my brother.

An imprint of Amy Kneeland Designs, TCC was born out of a desire to continue sharing my love of reading and crafts.

Amy Kneeland Designs


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